L'éducation de la jeune fille!

Bifty Event

« For The Youth of Africa »    I was a child, I have  children, they are my children,  my son, my daughter, my niece, my uncle, my nephew—  They are the future, together let’s protect them.  — “BE INVOLVED – JOIN THE MOVEMENT – FOR THE YOUTH OF AFRICA”   “ JOIN LE MOUVEMENT- POUR LA JEUNESSE AFRICAINE”  — (enregistrez ce message et envoyez une video nous la posterons sur le site)

The Idea

“For The Youth in Africa” we organise various giant events in the field of sport, culture and economy to raise awareness for the protection of The Youth in Africa. Once a year, celebrities, public personalities including decision makers will come together around a two days event to give their time and show their skills for a youth’s cause. During those events held in one country of Africa, celebrities and media will meet and visit various institutions where disadvantaged kids are being taking care of. They will share stories with kids and give them hope while sending a message to the politic men over the world to protect these Children. Merchandising and donations will be made and funds will be allocated to various organizations working for the well-being of the youth into the country host of the event.

The Promoter

Founded  by Author/filmmaker and CEO/President of On-Spot Enterprises Media Group USA, Rod On Jr., and associated On-Spot Enterprises Media Group worldwide.