Recent studies by Plan Cameroon show that educated girls are more dynamic and participate in the development of society from those who are not.

Some girls go to school and others not! Does schooling belong to a particular social class? This girl could have been in front of her books to revise her lessons and not in a field to graze sheep. Does she merit it? Could one say of this world that it is unfair?

Yet today, millions of women and girls in the world live in poverty and are deprived of their rights to education; two thirds of illiterate adults in the world are women. The statistics are clear, more boys attend school than girls. However, education is internationally recognized as the most powerful tool for the promotion of women and girls and the protection of their rights. Education provides women and girls learn, skills, confidence and capacity, thus improving their prospects; and in turn, an educated woman pay more attention to food, access to health care and education for family members. If everyone could keep his heart in hand and do something for children who need help, who need a smile.

Let’s encourage education of the girl. Encouraging education of the girl is working for a better world because as we say so, the woman is the cradle of humanity.

POUAKOUA Léa Constance, Stagiaire en communication Infoline : 222 22 16 59 / 697 22 03 53,

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