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At night fall, Blandine B...

At night fall, Blandine B walks the streets of Damayo, one of the hottest streets in the city of Maroua. She would have wanted to be like most girl of her age, sitting in front of a book, why not a computer so as to do her homework’s and do some research on internet. Unfortunately for her, life did not offer what she wanted.

Blandine B only 13 years...

Blandine B only 13 years old already indulged herself into prostitution. Trying to survive and get away with this life that some qualify as unfair, she is forced to sell her body for money. Upstream to this deplorable situation, she had to drop out of school while in class 6 because to lack of money. Due to this, she no longer had the possibility of follow a lucrative training that could guarantee her a remunerative activity.

Many others girls aged...

Many others girls aged 12 to 18 years unlike Blandine B abandoned school at an early stage. Coming from different villages and towns in search of a better life and some money to survive, many of those youths have convey their selves into prostitution, drug addicts, and are big bandites too.)

Blandine B’s story...

Blandine B’s story is also similar to that of various young girls living in the different parts of the national territory who we think are eager to find a way out of this nightmare. No Human being who is full of compassion and solidarity will remain indifferent to all this frustrations and moral injury.


BIFTY, a concept of On-Spot Enterprises

ON-SPOT Enterprises Cameroun, Cameroonian company, has developed a concept called BIFTY (Be Involved for The Youth). This is a social and cultural educational action organized since 2014, in favor of Cameroonian and African youth. It is in this context that the BIFTY 2016 under the theme: "Girl's education" would be more participative and innovative. And so in his concrete phase has designed and created the Relay Training BIFTY 2016.

Presentation of the Relay Training

The relay training organized by the BIFTY, is a program of assistance and support of the girl, in which a group of young volunteers educated, give of their time and knowledge to support and mentor those girls who didn’t have easy access to education, "reading and writing."

The role of the Relay - Training for the girl

It will be for the relay to reduce the rate of under-education of the girl, in response to questions of the fundamental right to education and that of human rights and freedoms.

The role of the Relay - Training for the girl

This logic does not move away from the call of the Cameroonian government, which promotes through the free primary education, the enrollment of girls when you consider that only 35% of Cameroonians have access to education.