Education plays a vital role to permit women manage their own lives. It is very important because it opens up economic opportunities.

We must “promote gender equality and equity, and to ensure women’s emancipation…” In order to promote the full participation of women in development as well as men, it is necessary among others to correct gender disparities that remain in the school system in Cameroon, despite the assertion of the principle of equality in schools between girls and boys advocated by the Education Reform.

The gender discrimination is maintained by educational textbooks containing gender stereotypes of men and women and by educational programs and materials that are also gender-biased reinforcing traditional male and female roles. Access to modern employment and high office subordinate to schooling and adequate training, girls and boys must have full access to primary and secondary education. But internal and external inefficiency of the African school system does not allow strong schooling for girls. In addition, the school cannot play its role if it maintains negative gender stereotypes to the woman.

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