On-Spot Enterprises Cameroun S.A.

Following the policies of the media group « On-Spot Enterprises » and its 6 branches throughout the world, particularly in Africa, Europe, Asia and America. The African branch On-Spot Enterprises Cameroun S.A, has created the BIFTY concept (Be Involved for the Youths) whose aim is to relive and bring comfort to the disadvantaged youths or those who are in need. Thus, from this concept is born the “Relay Training project”. This project therefore will help the BIFTY answer some problematic questions related to the disadvantageous youths and seek solutions to build, ameliorate and contribute to a better educative atmosphere for these youths by helping them be better entrepreneurs, ambitious and more independent, self-governing.

Her dream is to see less young people get involved in the sphere of despair and frustration like was the case of the 13 years old Blandine BONGAIL. It could be your daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, niece, friend or even you!