The value
The value is unique! It is this which allows us to act for a better world for the most vulnerable… the fact is simple and perceived by all, under-education of the girl is a hindrance to development. On an enrollment rate of 78% in Cameroon, it appears that only 75% of girls are preschoolers against 82% of boys. Relay Training established by BIFTY is an assistance program, assistance and support to the girl under-educated with a view to promote and develop their intellectual, ethical, and professional skills through modules training appropriate to their status…
The Program
This aid program will take place in phases. Initially, it will relay teams deployment in less educated two regions in the national territory with the objective to educate and register beneficiaries and volunteer ambassadors. Secondly, with the implementation phase as early as next September. Then the evaluation and the report of the program.

For proximity reasons, pragmatism and constantly growing engagement, the media group On-Spot Enterprises is cost more beautiful with an innovative concept that deserves support of the state authorities and accompaniment from NGOs.

Pamela AKONO : Publics Relations at On-Spot Enterprises Cameroun S.A.

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