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More girls drop out of school prematurely, the more children they have. It’s a vicious circle that only girls’ education can end.

Freedom is a big word which hitherto referred to included emblematic of African history … But nowadays women demand the: Freedom! Equality! … Towards the male sex.

Women’s freedom begins with their right to education! Some regions for further certain “religions” of Cameroon do not allow the female to push studies. The governments of these countries are investing in favour of universal education, but the means that they mobilize remain insufficient to achieve this goal, and the challenge of schooling for girls remains colossal.

Yet real lever for poverty reduction, education and vocational training for women has a major impact on the development of a country. In the field, our experience confirms this: nine years of free education and of quality allow a girl to change her future. Each year spent on school benches increase future income by 10 to 20 % and the GDP of a country average of 0.37 % annually. First stage of empowerment, education allows them to be actors of development of their community, their region and across the country. Source :

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